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Men's Monthly Challenge...


Give yourself a score from 0-10 in the area of Priest, Prophet and King over the last 30 days.


I'm a Priest. (Self-Check Score 0-10)


How have your devotions been?

Have you opened and closed with prayer on a daily basis?

How has your life opened up with the sacrifices of worship; and the sacrifes of the daily word?


I'm a Prophet. (Self-Check Score 0-10)


What revelation has the Lord been giving you?

What leadings have you been sensing from the Lord?

What has God been speaking to you about the direction and purpuse for your life?

What has God been showing you and revealing to you through His word?

How faithful have you been to respond to that which God has been speaking to you?


I'm a King. (Self-Check Score 0-10)


Has there been a theocracy in your life? Meaning- has God been governing your life?

Is there room given in your kingdom for mediocricy and a blazze' type of government?

Are you an authoritarian king? Is it my way or the highway?

Or are you a servant King as Jesus was? (humble, gentle, and meek?)

Would you want to be  a citizen under your own kingship?

Add it all up for your monthly score and continue to be the best man that God has called you to be...